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From the keyboard of Michael “The Copy Polisher” Millman
Perched on a hill in Temecula

Greetings, good friend of Internet Marketing News Watch...

Even though you're probably unaware of it, with each passing moment, your sales copy is constantly hemorrhaging away growth producing profits that are lost FOREVER.

The good news is, you're about to know not only why your copy is bleeding away profits, you'll also discover how you can get those gaping wounds stitched closed right away so they heal not only without leaving a scar, the areas they were in become stronger and healthier than ever before.

This is all about the language patterns of the well intentioned yet unconscious bungler that exist in your copy that are draining away potential conversions and profits from your bottom line.

Would you like to extract the maximum benefit from every bit of hard fought traffic you get?

You’re about to be able to do just that, in spades.

Have you ever wondered what more you might be able to do to increase your conversions and pump up your profits?

Hang in there and pay close attention, because the secrets are about to be revealed.

We both know the formula, Visitors times Conversion Rate times Sales Price = Total Revenue, right?

Increase any one of the elements to the left of the equal sign and your profits obviously go up.

That’s just simple math.

Most people seem to focus exclusively on getting more Visitors, which frequently increases costs (if you’re buying traffic or paying others to create it organically). Sales Price is often initially tested to max out profits, then is arbitrarily left in a static state.

All too often Conversion Rate gets overlooked as something to focus attention and effort on, doesn’t it? Would you agree that’s because it’s the least mechanical and most mysterious part of the equation?

That’s a shame, because that’s the one place you can create the most impact for the least relative cost, because it tends to be a one time expense you reap the rewards from forever.

Would it be safe to assume you’re here right now because you’d like to increase your conversions and pump up your profits based on the special copy makeover offer alluded to in Mike’s email?

Okay, that was a rhetorical question, I know.

Just checking to make sure you’re really here on purpose and not just idly surfing around.

Good...let’s get on with the vitally important business at hand...How to increase your conversions and profits virtually overnight.

That’s undoubtedly what you’re here for and that’s exactly what you’re going to get the opportunity to have done for you.

You might want to choose to print this page out now, to both capture it (because it will likely disappear soon) and to be able to take it someplace where you can relax and intently absorb it all (perhaps with your favorite beverage as if we’re having a great first conversation, which I do look forward to having with you soon).

You’ll find this piece will likely enlighten, educate, entertain and inspire you. At least that’s the intention. If you’re the kind of person I’m passionate about working with, it will also motivate you to take immediate action to capitalize on the rich benefits it promises to bestow upon you and your enterprise.

If you’re really astute, you might even pick up on some of the master class copy techniques that ensure the maximum compliance from your prospects that are woven into this message for you.

Interested in learning something new?

You’re gonna love the outcome. It’s something you can take to the bank.

As we begin, notice that the information on this page is presented simply, with just words...admittedly LOTS of fancy graphics, no dazzling videos, no seductive audios.

One of the reasons why this message is being conveyed with just words is precisely because it’s about words. The words on your pages, the words in your emails, the words that are spoken in your audios, videos and during live presentations.

(The other possibly amusing reason, quite frankly, is because the time window of possibility for presenting this opportunity was so short, all I could do was dash this off and hurriedly throw it up on a page for you to act on before the window closes.)

Oops...I digress (again).

Words Are What Persuades

Words ultimately are what make your sales happen (or possibly just as importantly, not happen, as we’ll get to). Words are the most important factor in every selling tool you rely on to create your income.

Every copywriting course, every copywriting teacher and every copywriter you’ve studied (or hired for that matter) has focused on the importance of positively compelling words etched onto pages in a flow often likened to a "greased chute", leading your reader (hopefully smoothly) to your desired action outcome.

That’s nothing you haven't heard before too many times to count, right?

Stick with me here because a revelation is coming, I promise.

The shocking truth is, there’s a somewhat fatal flaw lurking in the simplicity of that time honored methodology that’s costing you conversions, sales and lost profits. This flaw is like a leech constantly sucking away some of the lifeblood of your business.

The “greased chute” everyone works so intently to create has hidden rough spots along the way that slow down, and sometimes throw your reader off, causing them to defer or resist taking the action you want them to take.

Here's the rub...

We’ve become culturally complacent about some language patterns that are pervasive in our communications that have a negative impact on the subconscious mind, creating nagging doubt, distrust or outright rejection.

Shockingly to those few who currently recognize them, these language patterns show up in virtually every advertisement you hear or see, as well as in almost every piece of sales copy written. I shake my head in wonder constantly as I see and hear them used again and again, draining away valuable potential income. As soon as you know what they are, you’ll be noticing them everywhere too.

I’ve labeled these profit killers...

The 7 Veiled Negative Persuasion Patterns

I can virtually guarantee you we’ll find them in your copy too (no matter who wrote it), causing you to leave untold lost profits on the table.

Take heart. It’s really not your fault.

You’ve undoubtedly always diligently done what you’ve been told is the right thing to do in writing your copy. Or, you’ve trusted someone to write your copy who has followed all the old school methods.

Almost all the copywriting courses and so-called copywriting “goo-roos” really do teach valuable information.

That’s not in question.

The problem is that they have just been ignorant of this important information...until now (or at least until you can get the eCourse set for release this fall that reveals exactly how to identify and masterfully fix all seven of these pervasive copy problems).

Every word, every phrase, every sentence of your sales message that your profits live or die by whispers to your prospect either positively or negatively. In the all important realm of persuasion, those whispers are frequently bypassing your prospect’s conscious, logical mind. The whispers are working directly on them through their subconscious mind, where your prospects react and decide yes or no based on how they feel about your presentation.

You’ve probably heard it at least dozens of times before. People buy based on emotion and then justify their decision with logic. Emotions are frequently triggered by the subsconcious mind’s processing of ongoing input.

Imagine it like this...

The Angel Versus The Devil

Picture your prospect having a bright, glowing angel perched on one shoulder, and a dark, dastardly devil squatting on the other.

Listen in as the supportive angel lovingly sings your praises into your prospect’s right ear in reaction to all the positive persuasion elements that have been so carefully and intently crafted into your presentation.

Cringe as you hear that devious little devil trashing your message in your prospect’s left ear based on negative persuasion elements in your copy you didn’t even know were there.

Feel the hesitation and reluctance in your prospect’s gut...the one who is not already a raving fan of yours...the one who is seated astride the fence, not yet sure of which decision to make.

What we’re gonna do is make sure a higher percentage of your prospects decide to come down on your side of that fence, doing whatever it is you want them to do. Sound good?

How are we going to do that, you ask?

Well, I say we whack that obnoxious little devil right off your prospect’s
shoulder and get rid of that pesky little pain-in-the-you-know-what for good.

We’re about to transport you into a whole new realm of perfected persuasion copywriting that eliminates the negative persuasion elements that are like leaky holes in the bucket you’re using to carry your gold pieces to the bank.

Ready to join me on that profit enhancing journey?

If you find that you’re nodding an enthusiastic yes after that somewhat lengthy preface, here’s the solution you’ve got access to right now, today...

The Cure For Your Bleeding Conversions

It’s absolutely guaranteed to increase your conversions and your profits...

The forthcoming eCourse is something I’m certain will change the trajectory of how future copy is written, and how existing copy is polished to persuasive perfection. It won’t detour from the time tested classic approaches of all the master teachers. It will supplement them.

I predict it’s going to be referred to as The Missing Chapters of Compelling Copywriting.

As I prepare for the pre-release promotions, I’m offering a one time special price to work with a few motivated, like minded marketers, applying the techniques I’ve been using to write and polish copy over the course of the last twenty five years.

(Yes, I’ve been writing copy "hypnotically" using influence and persuasion information and techniques I learned at the hands of Anthony Robbins, Milton Erickson, Robert Cialdini and Jay Abraham, among others, long before I had the pleasure of learning about Joe Vitale and his amazing gifts he’s been sharing with the world.)

The truth is, I really love doing makeovers. There’s nothing more enjoyable to me than taking an existing piece of work and using my special gifts to make it better. There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the thanks offered when someone uses my work to impact more people in a positive way, and to make more money in the process.

Do you have anything like that, that you’re really good at and love to do for others more than anything else? Can you relate to the total satisfaction I’m describing? I’d love to hear about it.

How Mike Mograbi Commandeered This For You

When I told Mike at IMNW about my project, my plans for promotion and my intention to do some high profile makeovers to show before and after results, he was very persuasively convincing in calling in a big favor to be able to offer a smokin’ hot special deal for his subscribers.

Honestly, I do owe Mike a great debt of gratitude and was ultimately glad to oblige his arm twisting request (even though it means nearly giving away my time, which was one of the most challenging elements on his request list!)

Because Mike is such a great, kind and generous guy, you have the extremely limited opportunity to have me do what many have affectionately referred to as “working my magic” on your copy for a tiny fraction of my usual fee, and you’re guaranteed to get conversion increasing results.

Not only that, you’re also going to be getting a slew of additional valuable bonus considerations for participating in this product launch as one of a select handful of “guinea pig” proof testimonials once you grab one of the few positions available.

I suspect there are two important questions running through your mind right now...

“Why should you do this (what's in it for you) and why would I do this
(for so little money if I’m as good as I say I am)?”

Was I right?

Since you and your increased conversions and profits are what’s most important, let’s address what’s in it for you first, shall we?

Here’s What’s In It For You

For starters, you get arguably the world’s best copy polish and makeover artist to hone the copy of your choice to persuasion perfection for an entire day with a huge chunk of the usual fee subsidized for you. Not only that, you still get a money back guarantee that the polished product will increase your conversions and make you more money.

(In case you’re wondering, I’ll support that fervently held belief about being the world’s best later in the true stories I’ll share of some of my high profile interactions. I think you’ll be convinced, or at the very least will allow for the possibility that it’s so. Besides, would you really want to trust someone who didn’t genuinely believe they were the best at what they do working on your income producing stuff?)

Next, you get additional free exposure for whatever project we work on for you. Your project will be featured as a Before-and-After Example in the soon-to-be-released eCourse (living on in perpetuity). It will also be frequently mentioned in the pre-release promotions which are intended to include numerous JV teleseminars and other online promos.

Hard to say how much that additional ongoing traffic will be worth to you, isn’t it?

If you’re in a position to promote the eCourse as a JV partner when it’s released, you get a higher commission payout than those who haven’t had me work some of my magic for them.

Stepping up, taking action and being an adventurous pioneer does deserve its rewards, right?

Finally, you get a complimentary copy of the finished product delivered into your hands with my gratitude for stepping up and participating. Price hasn’t been determined yet, so I can't say what the value of this extra goodie will be, other than you’ll find it priceless for the future impact its content will have on your ongoing income stream.

Does all that sound like a darned good pile of benefits for you?

I’m certain it should, especially considering how little you’ll be investing to take advantage of this offer.

Okay, let’s go over all the reasons why I’m willing to do all this for you for such a small investment from you.

Why I’m Heavily Subsidizing Twelve Makeovers

Beyond the fact that I agreed to this exclusive special deal as a personal favor to the first twelve the next seven (sorry, now SOLD OUT) of Mike's subscribers who quickly grab their spots, here are the substantive reasons why I'm doing this that give me significant enough value in this case to offset the insanely low price.

First, it will obviously be in my interest to have a number of fresh and preferably high profile
Before-and-After examples with results to refer to and show off in the eCourse and the pre-launch marketing.

Second, I believe there will be some amazing connections made with those who capitalize on this offer. These connections will lead to ongoing creative interactions that will be extremely profitable for everyone involved.

Third, this offer will likely drum up more interest from potential JV partners to promote the finished product once it’s ready to be released.

Fourth, as in times past when I’ve put a compelling offer “out there”, I’m certain there will be others who step up who want what I can deliver beyond the basic offer and benefits presented here, and I’m certainly always willing to entertain other possibilities.

Finally, doing what I love to do for others completely fulfills all of the Six Human Needs for me.

Doing this gives me:

  1. Certainty - I’m absolutely certain I’m the best at what I do and I always succeed

  2. Uncertainty - There’s variety in the constant new challenges of each unique project

  3. Significance - Delivering unparalleled results makes me significant in my clients’ eyes

  4. Love & Connection - I always form strong, genuine bonds with those I like to work with

  5. Growth - I tend to learn something new and valuable from everyone I collaborate with

  6. Contribution - Making magic and money happen is one of the best gifts I can give

Ergo, in the end, it’s all good for both you and I. Proverbial Win-Win wins again.

Okee dokee, your next big question I can hear screaming for attention is...

“Just who is this guy and why should I believe him, let alone trust him?”

If you’d be willing to indulge me, I’d be willing to share some of my history in the form of concise, true stories of professional interactions I’ve had with some people you may have heard of.

You might want to know this stuff and may find it interesting, so I’ll share these stories because we haven’t had a chance to get to know one another yet under more personal circumstances...

Or, you might want to skip this section entirely as superfluous, boring drivel. No offense taken if you do.

You’re welcome to jump right to the next section by clicking here if you wish.

The Ted Nicholas Story

I spent five days in the jungles and mountains of Peru with Ted Nicholas and Amazon John Easterling, owner of the Amazon Herb Company (who’s now married to Olivia Newton-John). I was shooting video for a promotional piece for the company distributors. Ted was along as John had hired him to advise the company on marketing strategies.

Here we are, at 10,000 feet high in the Andes, shooting an interview at Machu Picchu:

Ted Nicholas - John Easterling - Michael Millman at Machu Picchu, Peru - Follow Michael Millman on Twitter

Ted Nicholas, Amazon John Easterling & Michael Millman at Machu Picchu, Peru

We had many long brainstorming sessions during that trip, and Ted was animated and interactive with me, clearly enjoying the creative stimulation. John mentioned that the company had been chosen as Company of the Month by Money Makers Monthly magazine, so we were going to be inserting a double truck four color spread in the center of the tabloid that month to capitalize on the publicity and generate leads.

I came up with the concept and the headline for the ad, which Ted loved, took and ran with. After we returned from the trip, he wrote the preliminary copy, faxed it to me, and I designed and laid out the ad and flowed in his copy. With Ted’s blessing, I polished his words. He embraced all the changes and I delivered the camera ready ad to the publication.

Soon after, Ted submitted the ad we both worked on to Bob Serling as his example of his best work ever for Bob’s Million Dollar Ads Course. It appears, substantially reduced and in black and white (looking very compromised in my opinion), on page 309. Ted also used our ad as a teaching example in his seminars after that.

You can see the original PDF of that ad by clicking here.

The Robert Allen Story

Robert G. Allen


I was at one of Ted Thomas’ money making pitchfest seminars in Las Vegas and Robert Allen was one of the guest presenters. I had never seen him before, so I had no idea what to expect. Robert gave a stunningly compelling performance loaded with NLP persuasion techniques that totally amazed me.

A good portion of the way through his presentation, he held up a crisp twenty dollar bill and asked who wanted it. A number of people gamely raised their hands as he looked around the room. He then asked more forcefully who really wanted that twenty dollar bill. People started waving their hands wildly in the air, yelling out, doing what they thought he wanted, competing to be chosen by him.

He strode back and forth at the front of the room waving that twenty in the air, and then practically screamed out that he wanted to know for sure who absolutely wanted that bill. I was sitting on an aisle more than halfway back in the ballroom. Something inside told me he was looking for an action taker, so I got out of my seat and strode briskly to the front of the room, looking him right in the eyes and snatched the twenty right out of his hand. I walked back to my seat, grinning and waving the bill as Robert pointed out that taking a risk and taking action is what gets rewarded.

After I sat back down, again something inside of me told me to take another risk based action. I pulled out a Sharpie and wrote my name and my phone number in bold black on the front of that twenty dollar bill.

After Robert finished his close and headed to the back of the room where people were swarming his table to buy his package, I waited quietly and patiently behind him, just out of his line of sight. When things quieted down around him, he turned and looked once again right into my eyes and his face lit up. I simply held up the twenty in front of his face, said one short sentence while handing him the bill back, then turned on my heels and walked away, leaving him no chance to say anything but thank you.

The very next day I got a phone call from Stan Miller, who was Robert’s right hand man, telling me Robert really wanted me to come and attend the private, exclusive Wealth Seminar he was holding in Del Mar, California, the following weekend. I politely declined, thinking that he was trying to sell me a seat. Stan told me Robert was insistent that I attend and asked me what it would take to get me there.

I told him point blank that I needed all my expenses covered plus some work booked and paid for to cover my time away. Without blinking, he agreed to my terms, sent me enough cash to cover all my anticipated expenses, plus the amount we agreed on for me to design and print a package label for Robert’s big box info product. I made my way to Del Mar, where I was ensconced in a deluxe room at the ritzy Inn At L’Auberge, site of the event.

The seminar was an exclusive group of 24 seated around a large elongated oval table. It was obvious that everyone left the single seats at either end of the table open not knowing which one Robert was planning to take to be at the “head” of the table. I went ahead and took the seat at the end away from the door, leaving Robert the seat nearest the door, facing the windows.

As the event progressed through the three days we were there, I was contributing so much from my knowledge and experience of persuasion techniques, that Robert began deferring to me more and more through the event to expand on points he was making.

I had brought along a number of copies of a piece I had written and printed, offering some info products about marketing I had purchased the rights to from Bill Myers and the Antin Brothers. On the morning of the final day, I asked Robert if it would be okay if I put a copy at each seat and he graciously obliged me. Without any pitching, several of the attendees ordered the package just from the printed piece. After reading it, Robert complimented me on how well done it was.

The final night after the seminar itself was over was reserved for a private barbeque dinner gathering at Robert’s palatial home in Rancho Santa Fe, not too far from Del Mar.

After we had eaten and people were mingling and chatting, Robert nodded at me, indicating he wanted me to join him in his private office. Once he had pulled me aside, he told me that he was really grateful that I had come, and that he really appreciated all my contributions to his event.

He said, “You're one of the few I’ve met who really gets this stuff. Where did you learn it?” I shared what I had been studying, then asked him who helped him develop his amazing platform presentation that had brought us together.

He grinned and told me it was Kenrick Cleveland. I had never heard of Kenrick at that point, and never forgot the name.

You can see the package label I designed and printed for Robert by clicking here.

The sales piece I wrote and printed, that ultimately got a 13% conversion rate (I had my own imagesetter and complete print shop in my garage at the time, pre Internet) can be seen by clicking here.

The Brad Antin Story

Brad Antin

In the mid 90's I was studiously devouring all the marketing insights I could get my hands on from Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Bill Myers and Alan & Brad Antin.

I was already a subscriber to the Antin Brothers’ Secrets From The Lost Art Of Common Sense Marketing newsletter when I happened to run into Brad at that same Ted Thomas event I had connected with Robert Allen in Las Vegas, where I was living at the time. (Brad is now the great marketing mind behind Bill Harris and the Holosync audio meditation technologies at Centerpointe Research.)

I introduced myself and we chatted during a break. I told Brad of my writing talents and hinted that I could probably help with his conversions, since I had read quite a number of his offers and knew my unique talents and strategies could help him rake in additional profits.

He mentioned that he had a very important pitch coming up and he had been working long and hard on a sales letter that was then up to sixteen pages. I asked him if he’d be willing to let me take a shot at polishing it for him, without obligation if he didn’t like the result. We worked out a deal, and a few days later he faxed me the sixteen page letter.

I worked diligently on it for a full day, and faxed him back the modified copy. He called me early the next day and we spent six straight hours on the phone, going line by line over every change as I described for him the psychology behind each of the modifications.

In the end, he only argued for and insisted on putting one word back the way it originally was. It was his piece after all and his reasoning had valid merit.

He agreed to use the letter the way I had polished it other than that, and arranged to fulfill his end of the deal we had made. As we were wrapping up the conversation and were about to say our goodbyes, Brad told me that he had thought he was a really good copywriter and had been at it for years, studying everything he could get his hands on in the pursuit of the best profit producing copy he could write.

He then shared that our six hour phone marathon had enlightened him to a fascinating new way to write effective, persuasive copy, and thanked me profusely for opening his mind to this new approach.

Unfortunately, since the faxes in those days were on thermal paper, the original copy and markup I had has long since faded, so I sadly have nothing left to show from that exchange.

I did hear back from Brad after he mailed the revised letter, telling me he had gotten his best ever conversion from his list and was very happy with the results.

The Jonathan Mizel Story

Jonathan Mizel

I was living on Maui, in Hawaii and had purchased one of Jonathan Mizel’s early products, which was a popup generator as I recall. I happened to notice that the address on his website was also on Maui, and was literally blocks from where I was living.

I found the number and called him up, introduced myself as a customer, and asked if there was any possibility of sitting down for a beverage to meet and talk a bit about marketing and the Internet. At first he was pretty standoffish so I was politely persistent, assuring him I wasn’t out to try to take advantage of the contact.

He finally agreed to meet me at one of the cool local watering holes nearby and he and his partner Jules showed up. We had a great time, discovered that we had had some things in common in our past Internet days, and agreed to stay in touch.

I had combed through the copy on Jonathan’s pages at and knew I could create positive change for him. I called and offered to redo one of his pages of his choice on spec, if he would agree to a package makeover of all his pages for a prearranged price if he liked the result.

He agreed, gave me a page to work on, and I proceeded to work my magic. I posted the result in encrypted format on my own server so he could see it without being able to copy it. He loved all the changes so I nudged us toward the deal we had agreed to.

It turned out he had not cleared the agreement with his partner Jules, and she didn’t want to spend the money, so they played good cop/bad cop with me to try to drive the price down. Unfortunately we never closed the deal, since Jonathan and I had already made an agreement that I wasn’t going to compromise.

I immediately pulled the page down and monitored the original on their site to make sure he hadn’t used my work. True to his word, he hadn’t, although he did redo his pages using many of the techniques I used and had pointed out to him.

At the end of our conversation, during his apology that we couldn’t make a deal, he encouraged me to offer my services more broadly, encouraging me to bill myself as the world’s greatest copy polish and punch up artist.

Regardless of the way the promising deal turned out, I still think Jonathan’s a great and brilliant guy, and we stayed friendly.

The Kenrick Cleveland Story

Kenrick Cleveland

Not many months after I had moved to Maui, I found myself in one of the late, great Gary Halbert's “gun-to-the-head” copywriting situations. I was strapped for cash and had to produce something substantial, really fast. I had been bulk emailing for a single group of clients at the time, and their deal dried up, leaving me high and dry.

I was a member of a bulk emailers’ private forum, back in the days when one could see and harvest the email addresses of all the members. I grabbed the approximately 200 members’ email addresses and set about putting together a package and an offer that I felt would sell quickly.

The $2,000.00 package I put together was 5 CDs full of list data, software and resale rights products that I knew I could make sound appealing to this crowd. I worked feverishly on a long copy, html formatted email sales letter, pulling out all the stops and loading it with my best mark-up and persuasion tactics.

As soon as I felt I had tweaked it to perfection, I loaded up the 200 addresses, held my breath and clicked send. Over the next three days, after getting flamed by a couple of the members for spamming them (imagine that...spammers complaining about getting spammed), I had sold five packages and had gotten rid of the gun that was to my head.

Two other very interesting things happened from that mailing.

One of the addresses happened to be for an inactive member who didn’t even recall having joined the forum.

His name? Kenrick Cleveland.

He said he felt compelled to write to tell me that my sales letter was the most powerful piece of persuasive writing he had ever read. He went on to say that even though he had no use whatsoever for the package described, he found himself nearly reaching for his checkbook to order because I had made it sound so irresistible. He specifically referred to my masterful use of binds and embedded commands, complimenting me on their precision and effectiveness.

Needless to say, I wrote him back, thanking him and sharing my experience with Robert Allen, and my admiration for the amazing job he did in developing and writing Robert’s platform presentation that I had found so powerfully persuasive.

The other interesting contact was from a young guy named Jeremy in Arizona as I recall, who was kicking butt using Frank Kern’s infamous Instant Internet Empires package as a lead generator for an upsell to a much more expensive online business coaching package.

He called me to tell me my sales letter was the most powerful piece of writing he’d ever read as well, and asked what it would take to get me to rewrite Frank’s original sales page for him. Turns out, this was the guy who was making outlandish claims and pissing people off with his boiler room style phone upsells, that attracted the attention of the FTC.

If you know anything at all of Frank’s back story, that ended up getting Frank shut down and got all of his money (several hundred thousand dollars worth) taken away. Not only that, as I understand it, it also unfairly branded Frank as a low life criminal. Imagine that. Frank had done nothing intentionally wrong, and caught all the nasty flack.

Years later, I talked with Frank in San Diego at one of the events he put on with Ed Dale. We had a bit of a laugh at the memories before Frank got a very serious look on his face and asked me if I could put him in touch with Jeremy, as he was very interested in having a mano-a-mano chit chat with him. I got pretty clearly that Frank didn’t exactly want to reminisce fondly with him about old times.

Unfortunately, even though I got paid for rewriting the page, Jeremy violated the terms of our agreement and I pointed out that the contract then prevented him from using my work. We didn’t stay in touch after that so I couldn’t help Frank with his whereabouts.

I’ve looked for that “gun-to-the-head” winning sales letter to no avail. I suspect it was on an old computer’s hard drive that took a dump a long time ago, and sadly, I didn’t have a backup.

The Gary Halbert Story

Gary Halbert

I was a lifetime subscriber and huge fan of “Sir” Gary Halbert, the self proclaimed Prince of Print who routinely reminded folks he was the world’s greatest living copywriter. No one ever seemed to take issue with Gary’s claim. He was truly a genius who is sorely missed.

I had gotten very chummy on the phone with one of the single girls who worked in Gary’s Key West office. She invited me to come visit over a long 4th of July weekend. Being single myself and finding her personality very appealing, I said yes and flew off to Key West to visit and play.

She picked me up at the airport, dropped my gear at her place, and we headed for the party boat that the whole Halbert crew hung out on every Friday night. The entire office staff was warm, friendly and very accommodating. We had a blast eating, drinking, dancing and singing group karaoke.

The next morning, Gary called her from Miami Beach, where he was living. He was feeling lonely and blue and wanted company, so we hopped in her Miata convertible and headed up the long inter island highway for South Beach.

We got to Gary’s place, which was a second floor apartment right on Ocean Avenue, as I recall. This was right in the heart of the modeling universe. I found Gary to be welcoming, open, warm and friendly. He was also hilarious. His living room had big open bay windows overlooking the main drag and he had two pairs of binoculars sitting on the ledge.

He called me over to the window, handed me a pair of binoculars as he grabbed the other pair for himself, and for the next half hour or so, ogled the endless parade of scantily dressed gorgeous women on the street below us, excitedly pointing out the various physical attributes of the ones he found most luscious. It was a riot.

Finally, he tired of that and took us to dinner at a fabulous restaurant. After he chided me good naturedly yet mercilessly for not eating meat, he stopped, put down his fork, propped his elbows on the table, clasped his hands and cleared his throat. I stopped eating since it was apparent he had something to say, which he did.

Gary had a way of very clearly punctuating his spoken words for effect and impact. It was almost like he was always writing copy when he spoke. He was very precise.

“I have to tell you something”, he said. “You've been hanging out with me for hours now, just having a good time, being a regular person. I want you to know how much I appreciate that, as a subscriber, you've not once tried to pick my brain or get any information out of me. You're a really cool guy. Thank you for just being comfortable to be with.”

I was a bit stunned and all I could say was “you're welcome, Gary”. It had not crossed my mind to do anything other than follow Gary’s lead during my time with him. I just wanted to enjoy building some rapport with this great mentor of mine, and I knew that the most persuasive way to build rapport was to mirror someone else’s behavior. Since Gary never brought up business, marketing or copywriting, I didn’t either.

I was also fortunate enough to be around to attend Gary’s memorial service and party here in Southern California after his shocking passing. The post memorial service party was graciously hosted by Buddy Hackett’s widow, Sherry Hackett, in their Beverly Hills home. I was fortunate to be able to hang out and reminisce with John Carlton, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Joe Polish and a whole host of other luminaries from the copywriting and direct response marketing fields who knew and had worked with Gary. There were lots of funny stories shared, including mine. It was event I’ll always recall fondly, and I’m glad much of it is memorialized on YouTube.

The point of sharing all these stories is to reveal some of my real, human interactions with a few people many would consider to be out of reach on a personal level, and the impact I’ve been blessed to be able to have on their lives and to receive from them.

It will be an honor to be able to connect in a similar way with you, and to produce similar positive memories of the two of us generating profits creatively together. I’m truly looking forward to it.

The Big, Bold, Outrageous Claim
Some May Consider Blasphemous
And Why It’s So Advantageous For You

Here it is, plain and simple...

Hand over ANY piece of copy, regardless of who wrote it, and by “working my magic” and applying the techniques that will soon be revealed, you’ll get back a revision that will definitely beat the conversion rate of the original, guaranteed.

Yes, that even applies to already great copy written by legendary names like Carlton, Kilstein, Edwards, Fortin, Morgan-Ferrero, Vitale, Galletti, that evil genius Mass Controller Kern and a whole host of others too numerous to name.

I know there are some who will howl at this claim, and to them I say I am always willing to take on the challenge to prove it.

Just to be sure we’re clear, I’m NOT dissing ANY one of those highly regarded copywriters or their work. They are all great writers deserving of professional respect and the successes they’ve achieved.

That being said, I’ll wager that like me, every one of them is always eager to learn anything they can that will give them an edge, and would willingly admit that there’s always room for improvement, including in their own work.

So why would a virtual unknown in the land of so many who are well known take such a risk and make such an audacious claim?

I’m glad you asked. It’s really very simple.

It’s because that’s who I am.

The truth is, I am genuinely certain I’m the very best there is at what I love to do most. Part of the reason I am so certain is because I have numerous ongoing internal and external references that validate that belief for me, including a long history of results.

It’s now hard wired into me as my identity so that belief acts as both a compass and a driving force in everything I do.

How is that of any consequence or advantage to you?

The esoteric reason is because the strongest force in the human personality is the need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves. That means I will always do everything I can to demonstrate through my performance that I am who I see myself as.

What that really means is that my internal coding has a prime directive that says, Failure Is Not An Option.

The practical reason is that by putting myself on the line and making such a big, bold, outrageous claim, you can count on the fact that I’m going to do everything I possibly can to fulfill on my promise and uphold the identity I’ve claimed.

The bottom line is all human behavior is belief driven.

As far back as I can recall, my primary question has been How can I make it better?

Your primary question is the question that drives your life, that determines your actions and outcomes.

As weird as it may sound, in my head I'm constantly editing and polishing all the copy I read, as I'm reading it. It never shuts off. I tend to read it as I see it should have been written to be most effective.

Put that non stop stream of creative consciousness to work on your projects and it will generate you a great return on your investment.

For me, making something better is my gift to someone else. It’s what I was made to do.

Because it fulfills all Six Human Needs for me, it’s the life giving force that propels me constantly higher and higher.

What this really means is that the sooner you put me to work for you, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards and benefits of having done so.

Here's an important question for you to ponder. When is the better, easier and more advantageous time to forge a long term beneficial alliance and build a relationship with a powerhouse resource...when that person is an up and coming relative unknown or after widespread recognition of their expertise and results producing prowess thrusts them into the spotlight as an accepted leader in their field?

Okay, I can clearly hear your next concern...

“Sounds Great...So What’s My Investment?”

You may have noticed a while back that Frank Kern gave his buddies at Creative Digital Media a little boost by introducing their landing page graphical makeover service through one of his cool videos.

They offer a design makeover for $5,000 that’s guaranteed to increase your conversions (in some cases drastically), without changing a word of copy on the page. If I recall correctly, most of their examples were squeeze pages, and the increased conversions were realized as increased opt-in rates.

Those guys are really good at what they do and I’m sure their service is well worth every bit of what they charge.

If not touching the words and just changing graphical layout and page elements can make such a difference, imagine how much more of a conversion difference can be made once we make sure the words on your pages are the most persuasive and effective possible.

I brought that up to create a bit of contrast and to position this Full Day Persuasion Copy Makeover offer as the genuine bargain that it is, as well as to underscore why only a few makeovers will be done at the price you’re getting.

Let’s recap everything that’s included for you:

  • Arguably The World’s Best Copy Polish & Punch Up Artist Will Give Your Choice Of Copy A Full 8 Hour Persuasion Polish Makeover

  • Your Project Along With The Before-and-After Results Will Be Featured In The Upcoming Breakthrough Persuasion Copy eCourse and The Pre-Launch Promos

  • You Will Receive A Complimentary Copy of The Course When It’s Released

  • You Have The Opportunity To Hold A VIP Spot As A Favored JV Partner For The Product Launch

When I'm willing to take the work, my standard hourly rate for writing copy and doing makeovers is $600 per hour, so my fee for a full day of my time and expertise is typically very close to the $5,000 that the guys at Creative Digital Media are charging for one of their page makeovers. The results I consistently produce easily justify that fee.

You can use this Full Day Persuasion Copy Makeover on any of your sales messages. This offer is not limited to web pages. You also can have it applied to autoresponder sequences, direct mail pieces, platform presentations, scripts for audio or video productions or anything else you can come up with that relies on words to convince, persuade or sell.

Since this is a one time, special project offer, you can take advantage of the opportunity to have me work my magic on the project of your choice for a full day for a tiny fraction of my usual price. You can if you act immediately and beat others to the punch, because...

It’s Not $5,000...It’s Just Sorry, SOLD OUT
Only For The Next 0

The only other thing I ask of you to give you one of the twelve NO available spots is that you reveal your results to me and allow me to showcase the Before-and-After examples of your project including results in the upcoming eCourse and its promotions. Agreed?

Your No Nonsense, No Risk,
Conversions Increased Or
It’s Totally Free Guarantee
copy polishing 100% Guarantee

Even though you’ve probably read the stories shared above about high profile interactions and praise,...even though you’ve probably looked at some of the samples offered...even though you’ve probably looked through a selection of the testimonials posted...even though you’re already likely pretty well convinced by the copy here and all those other pieces that this is a really good thing for you to choose to act on during the short window of time this opportunity exists...

You’re probably asking a question something like, “Yeah, sounds great. What if it doesn't work for me? What if I decide to participate, pay you, and then MY conversions don’t increase?”

Fair enough question. It deserves to be clearly addressed, so here’s your answer...

The Full Day Persuasion Copy Makeover work that gets performed on your project absolutely must increase your conversions in a fair, precisely tracked, statistically relevant test or you can choose to have it repolished until it does increase your conversions or you’ll get your participation investment back. Period.

Fair enough?

Thought so. Good! Let’s get busy...

Here’s What To Do Right Now To
Get Your Full Day Persuasion Copy Makeover

Napoleon Hill, in his classic work Think and Grow Rich, identified the sixteen traits common to highly successful people. One of the most important traits he found was that the most successful people make decisions quickly, and change their minds slowly.

To be a successful person, you must be decisive. How many times have you postponed a decision only to miss out on a great value or a great opportunity and lived to regret it?

That sucks, doesn’t it?

To quote my friend Anthony Robbins, It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

The 5 Best Reasons To Book Your Makeover Right Now

1  -
You Will See Your Conversions Increase Significantly
2  -
You Will Make Considerably More Money Faster Than Ever
3  -
You Will Get Abundant Traffic From The FREE Exposure
4  -
You Will Learn Amazing Things About Copy & Conversions
5  -
You Will Get An Avalanche of New Ideas For Fresh Profits

When would right now be a good time to decide to take the action that’s guaranteed to increase your conversions and your profits, while this golden opportunity is right here in front of you?

  copy polishing big buy button

All Full Day Persuasion Copy Makeovers
Get Handled First In, First Out - Book Yours Quickly

To be completely fair, this work will be done on the projects in the order they come in, by the date and time stamp on the payment confirmations. So, it’s clearly in your interest to hustle.

Even if you feel we need to have a conversation before deciding to turn me loose on your copy, I encourage you to reserve your place immediately by locking in your booking right this minute. I'm only planning on doing twelve of these makeovers at this crazy price for reasons that should be obvious by now. If we choose not to move forward with your makeover, I’ll simply refund your payment right away and make your spot available to someone else.

Here's one final question for you...

I’m curious. A couple of months from now, after the twelve Full Day Persuasion Copy Makeovers are completed and producing great results, and the promos for the eCourse covering this breakthrough copywriting methodology are launching, would you prefer to be saying “I’m really glad I took immediate action to be one of the lucky twelve”, or “Man, I blew my chance. I really wish I decided to take action when I had the opportunity”?

Click the Add to Cart button below right now to book your Full Day Persuasion Copy Makeover while your spot is still available to you. You’ll be very glad you did...guaranteed.

I will contact you very shortly after you've placed your booking to arrange a preliminary consultation and to get your copy from you for your makeover. Talk with you soon!

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Your friend in and out of the trenches,

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~ The Full Day Persuasion Copy Makeover is guaranteed to increase your conversions, plus give your project FREE exposure both in the soon-to-be-released eCourse and in the promos for the product. You'll also be delivered a complimentary copy of the completed product and be given VIP status as a JV partner during the launch. Only 12 spots are being offered for this Makeover with 70% of the normal fee subsidized for you for this work. Grab your place in the queue now for only SOLD OUT while the few available bookings remain.

P.P.S. ~ I will gladly consult with you by phone or via Skype for 15 minutes for FREE if you want before you commit your cash, as long as you don't attempt to abuse the privilege. I'm not one of those so called Internet “goo-roos” who won't talk live with their customers or potential clients. Feel free to email or call me and leave a voicemail message with your contact info and best times to reach you if you prefer.

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Questions, Concerns, Skeptical?
Call & Leave a Message Now @ 702-549-6022
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“I Polish. You Prosper.”

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What Others Have Said
About Michaels Work...
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“The best copy polisher I know, so put him to work”

“I had the great fortune of befriending Michael on Twitter just as I was getting my Twitter Salvation System ready for release. I gave him access to the sales letter before it went live, along with a copy of my product. He very graciously offered to work his magic on some areas of the letter he felt could be improved. I was open to his offer even though it was just hours until the launch. Michael stayed up all night, working non-stop on my sales letter. I sat right with him on Skype, mesmerized as he generously explained his polishes to me section by section. I ran his final letter just as he polished it because the result was brilliant. I'm certain it contributed to the great success I enjoyed from the launch. He's the best copy polisher I know, so put him to work on your project ASAP.”

Kenneth Yu

Kenneth Yu
“The Puppet Master”

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“He totally rocks!”

“Once in a great while, I find a genuine nugget of gold in a person I know I can count on absolutely, who brings massive amounts of knowledge, experience, wisdom, resources and most importantly, heart and integrity, to whatever they throw themselves into. I've been truly fortunate to have met and worked with Michael, a shining example of one such golden nugget. If you take advantage of an opportunity to have him work with you, I'm sure you'll agree...he totally rocks!”

Mick Moore

Mick Moore
“The Internet Entrepreneur”

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“The best we’ve ever worked with”

“Michael recently did a fantastic complete package makeover on an existing product for us that had previously not performed well in the market. He renamed and redesigned the product, rewrote and redesigned the sales letter, the squeeze page and all of the pre-launch promos and emails. His squeeze page design and copy got us very close to a 50% opt-in rate which we’ve never managed to do before, and his sales page tripled our previous returns. We’ve worked with a lot of copywriters over the years and Michael’s knowledge of marketing, copywriting and language skills and psychological persuasion techniques easily make him the best we’ve ever worked with. Put him to work on your project and get ready to count the profits!”

Roy Oron and Maayan Marzan

Roy Oron & Maayan Marzan

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“He gets our highest recommendation”

“Melinda and I have been blessed to be introduced to Michael by a mutual friend and business associate. He recently very generously and freely gave us his time, creative vision, talent and vast resources when our first movie production was at a critical turning point. His invaluable input helped us break through to the great looking result and success we were able to create with the project. I continue to be impressed with Michael's depth and breadth of knowledge, insights and never ending stream of ideas, along with his enthusiasm and heartfelt drive to make a real difference in the lives of others. He gets our highest recommendation as a coach and mentor. Anyone who can, should do whatever it takes to have him work with them.”

Don and Melinda Boyer

Don and Melinda Boyer

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“My ‘go to’ guy for killer copy”

“Michael's marketing wisdom changed my life. When I published my first book, Michael took me from struggling author to prolific information entrepreneur. 12 years later, he's still my “go to” guy for killer copy, visionary thinking, and cutting edge direct response skills. Every dollar I spend with Michael comes back 100 fold on every project.”

Bart Baggett

Bart Baggett
Author, Speaker, Radio Host, CEO

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“Call Michael ASAP”

“Michael is one of those rare people who offers both a high-view on things and a long-perspective, as well as ruthless attention to detail. He digests system after system of marketing expertise and somehow combines it to provide exact solutions for business specific challenges. Every time I consult with him, I walk away not only inspired, but with a pointed plan that produces more revenue. I would say anyone who wants to catapult their business efficiency and/or revenue production should call Michael ASAP.”

Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad - Grant Adams
Author / Teacher / Coach

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“He’s the first person I turn to”

“I never ceased to be amazed by Michael's robust and diverse set of profit creating talents that I've come to know in working closely with him since 1998. As a former actor turned marketer, I often see Michael through the lense of filmmaking metaphors. He has the big picture view and ability to pull together all the required elements of a producer, the leadership and coordination of resources and players that a director has, the writing and languaging abilities of a screen writer, the sharp eye for detail of a cinematographer and the precision in polishing the final product that an editor brings to the mix. He's the first person I turn to for any important marketing pieces I need to create. I strongly recommend you do the same.”

Michael Mazes

Michael Mazes
Platinum Distributor-Amazon Herb Co.
Santa Monica, California
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“The best investment in your business”

“Michael is one of the best educated and well informed Marketing Producers that I have ever seen! He seems to have so much information it just seems to pour out of him. In the process of needing to get my business to the next level on the Internet, Michael has been invaluable. His ideas and resources are extensive. He is easy to talk with and able to explain things in ways that I could understand. His ability to find the solution to a complex problem is amazing. If he doesn’t immediately know the answer he knows how and where to find it. In this world of constantly changing technology, someone of his caliber is extremely helpful and more often than not, essential.

“Michael has Numerological gifts from many lifetimes of spiritual, intuitive, and healing oriented experiences. He has a gregarious personality with a powerful means to aim high and find the perfect patterns that will work within businesses or for personal growth and spiritual development. His path in this life is to be an independent thinker and businessman bringing new concepts into the 21st century for the expansion of humanity and its connection to all. Yet, for all that energy, vitality, and drive, Michael cultivates a profound sense of inner peace and balance in all he does. His ability to stay neutral and find calm, fair solutions to problems makes him unique in his approach to business. He brings consciousness, clarity, and aligned power back into the worlds of money, business, and finance.

“If you have an idea, Michael will know how to make it happen. If your idea will not get the results you want, Michael will tell you and have some wonderful insights and suggestions. He is gifted not only in his knowledge and technical abilities but is a conscious being who believes that the highest potential within you can become your reality. His coaching is graceful and uplifting. He empowers you to become your best and most aware self. If you have the opportunity and the means to take advantage of his skill, by all means take it. It will end up being the best investment in your business that you have ever made.”

Suzanne Wagner

Suzanne Wagner
Psychic To The Stars

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“Put him in the top tier of professionals I choose”

“In my rapid paced world of radio broadcasting and television infomercial production, I am constantly working closely with brilliant creative talent. I've found Michael's deep and rich skill set coupled with his lightning fast creative mind put him in the top tier of professionals I choose to turn to when it's time to brainstorm and do strategic planning. He's like an endless fountain of sparkling ideas and answers. Use him to whatever degree you can, and you will prosper.”

Kent Emmons

Kent Emmons
CEO-National Lampoon Comedy Radio

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“I now consult with him on every project I do”

“Even if you think your sales materials are great, Michael will meticulously and virtually magically transform them into spectacular profit producers. As a marketer who has earned seven figures a month in sales, I now consult with him on every project I do. The increased conversion ratios on my sales messages have netted me tens of thousands of dollars that I would not have earned otherwise without his expertise. If you don't do whatever it takes to have Michael work on your projects, you're leaving big money on the table.”

Richard Krawczyk

Richard M. Krawczyk

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“I rank Michael in the top eschelons of world class”

“As a dedicated business networker and marketer, I meet hundreds of successful and aspiring to be successful people every year. I've known Michael and worked on projects with him since 1998. Because of his seemingly infinite depth of knowledge of profit generating, strategic marketing concepts, his limitless stream of ideas, his natural mastery of communication and persuasion and the vast resources he brings to any venture, I rank Michael in the top eschelons of world class marketers. If you're able to persuade him to work on your projects, do it or wish you had.”

Robert Butwin

Robert Butwin
Author - Street Smart Networking

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“The single best invest-ment I have made”

“Michael has proven to be the single best investment I have made in my company. His hardhitting, on-the-mark, no-holds-barred advice has resulted in my sales doubling almost immediately! He blew my expectations out of the water. There's a fine line that differentiates good business advice from world-class business advice and the results can be measured in dollars...big dollars! Michael is the undisputed king of killer marketing ideas, copywriting and rapid growth business advice!”

Jeff Crolene

Jeffrey Crolene – CEO

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“Have Michael write your presentation”

"Michael recently did a two hour personal training with me to coach me on how to make a very effective platform presentation for a sales meeting I had coming up the next day in Las Vegas in front of a tough group of dancers. I had never managed to get very many orders in a group presentation for the skin care products I sell. I listened to Michael's recorded words over and over as I drove to Vegas and had everything worked out in my mind by the time I did the presentation. I was so excited when I called Michael and told him I closed every single person in the audience! I could never have done that without the brilliant words, body language tips and strategies he gave me. If you want to sell more of whatever it is you're selling, have Michael write your presentation and teach you and you'll succeed!"

Lucy Mazes

Lucy Mazes
Gold Distributor - Amazon Herb Co.
Santa Monica, California

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“The guy simply works magic”

“I've been using Michael's advice and implementing his marketing strategies in my business since we were introduced by a mutual acquaintance on Maui in early 2003. My business has grown rapidly and consistently ever since, and with Michael's help, I expect to triple an already seven figure business this year. The dude is like a perpetual motion machine of fresh profit making ideas. Even if you have to mortgage the ranch or hock the wife's jewelry to put him to work for you, it's gonna be lotsa profits in the bank, quickly. Count on it. I don't know how he does it, but the guy simply works magic.”

Jeff Kalatsky

Jeff Kalatsky - Owner/President
Back Support Systems, Inc.

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This is an EXCELLENT example of good self-promo copy Read and learn :)

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Sometimes,it takes a polish to turn a hunk of junk in2 somethin valuable. @MichaelMillman does that 2 ur copy,turning fluff 2 a sales magnet

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@MichaelMillman You're a DEAR! Thanks for yr open & giving heart, Michael. You ROCK! WOW = 'World Of Wholeness' Living a fully alive life!

Lynn Rose LynnRose

@MichaelMillman Awesome call: Great content, very simple steps... awesome resources. Top notch :-) Replay, enjoy!

Travis Greenlee TravisGreenlee

@MichaelMillman Hey M, thanks so much for the awesome copy for our new venture.Super fired up! U rock my friend :-)

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@MichaelMillman Hey man, thanks so much for your support with James. He's gonna love his site and copy. You do such amazing work :-)

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@MichaelMillman Great tips this morning Michael. Have been checking out your copy polishing. Sweet!

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rt @MichaelMillman amazing stories and copy at

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@michaelmillman Cool on the course, Michael. Please let me know when it's out. We could JV!

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@MichaelMillman and @TravisGreenlee Just created terrific value on a copywriting teleseminar. Several golden nuggets. Thanks you guys!

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@MichaelMillman SUPER HELPFUL, Sir! LOL @MichaelMillman you're my copywriting HERO!

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Very soon @MichaelMillman will be THE most ripped off copywriter in the industry. No disrespect to @johncarlton007

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