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From: Jeffrey Crolene, Las Vegas, Nevada
CEO & Founder - POOLSuccess, Inc.

Dear fellow success seeker,

If you're looking for pool routes for sale, a pool route to buy, or information on how to get into, start or improve a pool cleaning and service business, you've just hit the motherload of profit producing information.

Would you be interested in having the knowledge that allows you to build a pool cleaning and service business that can make you on average, $100,000 per year per pool route within 18 months, and grow your business to be worth, on average $500,000 in the resale market within three years?

Want to know how to create a strong, recession proof turn key business that constantly grows in value and can even be run hands off, as an owner-investor?

Let's be honest. Pool service ain't rocket science. We all do the same thing...suck dirt out of a water filled hole. So why do so few experience the kind of success others only dream of?

For years now I've enjoyed a lifestyle few in the pool industry are able to achieve...a multi-six figure income, enjoying several weeks of vacation throughout the year, being home nights and weekends with my family and having the freedom to pursue other passions in life.

Does that sound anything like the kind of lifestyle you'd like to have too? Please believe me...You can!

How To Tap Into The Secrets That Set
The Standard For The Pool Service Industry

Here are the powerful secrets contained in the POOLSuccess system...

I identified a list that I boiled down to the “25 golden rules” that all successful pool service businesses have in common. Based on these “25 golden rules”, I invested thousands of hours of my own time and tens of thousand of dollars of my own money to produce the most comprehensive step-by-step pool service business program available. I insisted on making it as close to perfect as it could be before I shared it with others, like you.

Would you like to know each and every one of these secrets, and how to put them to work making you bucketfuls-of-cash in the most rapid and effective way possible?

You can only learn these secrets and tap into the ongoing competition crushing benefits of the POOLSuccess system by attending the next Pool Business Mastery Boot Camp.

Smart Teen Chose Business Over Fry Job

When Justin decided to start his own business, he jumped at the chance to become a Pool Inspector. Unlike others his own age who work after school at a fast food restaurant or the mall, this 17-year old high school junior earns more money working part-time than his teachers do.“Thanks to your system, I take advantage of all the support that's provided. It's like on-the-job training, except I own the job.”

It's totally understandable that you may be skeptical and I don't blame you. You're probably asking yourself something like “Just who is this guy Jeff Crolene and why should I trust that he knows anything at all about these big claims he's making?”

Well, if you haven't read about me in the pool trade magazines or haven't ever seen me on TV, here's a bit of my professional story...

I've been happily involved in the pool cleaning and service industry for more than 24 years. I went from “struggling pool man” to “mega successful entrepreneur”, establishing a number of pool service related businesses in retail, construction, pool route sales and, of course, pool service. I've consulted for many of the “Top 10” pool companies across the nation.

I also sat on the board of directors of the National Spa & Pool Institute, have been recognized for my accomplishments in Pool & Spa News and have been a key-note speaker at dozens of trade events.

I'm not telling you any of this to impress you...I'm relating it to impress upon you the genuine value of what I'm willing to share with you. Would you agree that there's a good possibility that you could learn something valuable from me?

Okay, enough about me. Let's focus on what's really important...YOU and getting you the knowledge and wisdom you can use to build your own rapidly growing and wildly profitable POOLSuccess business. We do that together at Pool Business Mastery Boot Camp.

The Insider Secrets You’ll Receive at This Boot Camp and
The Benefits of Being A Pool Inspector, You’ll Find Nowhere Else

Pool Inspector - America's Pool Service Company
Your use of The Pool Inspector Logo, with its
“Million Dollar Brand Image”, is just one piece of
the HUGE package you get with

How valuable do you think it will be to your new pool cleaning and service business start-up to get just one “break through” marketing idea that your competition doesn't have? Just one killer marketing idea that could literally double or triple your business in half the time?

You'll get dozens of these wallet-stuffing mastermind marketing strategies and methods during your Pool Business Mastery Boot Camp and beyond.

Here are just a few of the major breakthrough elements you'll get with POOLSuccess:

  • A “million dollar image” brand that positions you way above your competition
  • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step system with proven results
  • The most cutting edge, wealth generating, business building tips, tricks and ideas to quickly dominate your marketplace

You'll get all the help you need to make a lot of money from your pool route along with receiving a tremendous amount of value, information and money-making strategies continuously.

By the time you finish the Pool Business Mastery Boot Camp you will have the education, the resources and the ongoing support you need to achieve extraordinary results in your pool cleaning and service business in record time. Guaranteed.

The Unique Marketing Strategies You’ll Be Given
Will Ensure You Get Paid Much Higher Fees
Than Most Pool Service Companies Receive, Guaranteed

(That's why many pre-existing pool cleaning and service professionals end up coming to the Pool Business Mastery Boot Camp)

Would you be surprised to know I still operate my own GROWING, thriving pool cleaning and service business right here in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Why? Because I make an OBSCENE amount of money from it, just like my students do and so can you! Imagine earning $100 an hour cleaning pools and over $200 an hour providing needed repairs. The best part is...I DON'T DO THE WORK. The truth is, I delegate those duties to qualified employees who grow my business and generate me ongoing cash flow.

Isn't this what having a “turn-key” business is all about? Will you let me share these secrets?

This Chef Follows Hot Recipe for Success

Chris was a professional chef for most of his life until he chose to become a Pool Inspector affiliate. While he worked his full-time job, Chris cleaned pools after hours and on weekends. After just a couple of months, without warning Chris was laid off from his job. With nothing to hold him back, he quickly grew his pool route and within a few months, topped his previous full-time pay.
“I looked at that time as a blessing. I never had any doubt what was ahead for me thanks to you.”

You'll learn all the actual “How To” steps in order to get you from “man with a pole” to CEO in the shortest possible time. This system has been proven and it's worked for years...long before I ever began sharing it with others. I still use it for myself, which is VERY important for you because it's best to learn from someone who is STILL DOING IT TODAY, right?

You won't be hearing theory during your Pool Business Mastery Boot Camp. Every bit of the training is actual practical knowledge you'll be able to implement right away. This is the ultimate step-by-step pool cleaning and service business system that will take months, maybe even years off your learning curve. The money you save along with the money you bank, makes the POOLSuccess system an amazing value.

Whether you've been considering starting a pool cleaning and service business, have already purchased a pool route or are even a seasoned pool pro who is burned out, “hit the wall” and can't seem to break through the six-figure income barrier no matter what you try, the tried and proven POOLSuccess system will launch your business into orbit and skyrocket your earnings immediately.

Take a moment, check it out and see for yourself just how good it can be for you too.

To your POOLSuccess,


Jeff Crolene

P.S. ~ You're about to be amazed by how easy it is to follow the step-by-step plans laid out in the Pool Business Mastery Boot Camp and by how quickly your income will escalate.

Act now, while spots still remain in the next Pool Business Mastery Boot Camp, before someone else grabs your highly desirable protected territory, because it won't last long.

P.P.S. ~ Get more great info fast. We're here 8:00 am - 6:00 pm PDT Weekdays to talk. Take advantage of a limited time gift for you - a FREE 30 minute consultation while it lasts. I'll be happy to answer all your questions and give you tons of insider pool business info.

Industry Pro Gives Two Huge Thumbs Up

Here's what AJ Wilson, the former Secretary, Regional Board of Officers of IPSSA (Independant Pool & Spa Service Association), has to say about POOLSuccess:

“Jeffrey Crolene is changing the way the pool industry is doing business...for the better!”


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